Bobby Garland:

Where the "Original" started.

Gitzit: "A bait that revolutionized modern day bass fishing" Ray Scott, founder of B.A.S.S.

There are many others along the way that would agree.

What makes this a great bait? Simple, the design and intended use and lets not forget the need, as in I need a bait to catch fish. Think clear water, finicky Bass and tough weather conditions, add these three variables together and you get a finesse bait, also known back in the day as a sissy bait.

Bobby Garland created and introduced the Gitzit in the early 1970's with the offering of the 2-1/2" Gitzit and later the 3-3/4" Gitzit. Of course there are other offerings from the designs of Bobby Garland: 2-1/2" Mini-Gitzit, 4-1/2" Jumbo Gitzit and a 5" Jerk-Tube, along with many other designs.

One of Bobby's lesser known creations was the Spider Jig, actually it was a marriage of a grub and the tail end of a Gitzit, also known as a Spider Skirt, Bobby fused the skirt to the head of the grub and came up with the Spider Jig.

There is no denying the creativity of Bobby Garland when it came to soft plastics.

Here is another bait that Bobby designed in the mid 1990's, it is called the Bass Swordtail.